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Iqraa Bilingual School is the latest successful venture of AL-QALAM FOR EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LLC. The school opened its doors in September 2012 to 55 learners only to allow for a soft opening. The following year student registration jumped up to 250 students, due to the exceptional satisfaction of the parents and the word of mouth publicity in favour of the school. Same progress pattern carried on the 3rd year with a dazzling figure of 580 pupils on the school’s books. Now we have reached 750 pupils.

Along with a group of reputable educational establishments namely; Gulf British Academy, Mashael Al Jahra Primary School, An’noor School, Jahra Pakistani School and Mashael Al Jahra Secondary School, Iqra’a belongs to Mr Muhammad Al Ali, a prosperous Kuwaiti entrepreneur, who, before becoming a renown leading figure in education, had owned several companies solely or in partnerships for decades inside Kuwait and Dubai.  

Driving Force for its success:

AL-QALAM FOR EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LLC. is a group of Premier Educational Institutions which stands for dedication to education. With a decade of commitment to its unique brand of holistic education, international- mindedness and promoting long life learning, the members of its academic team aim to achieve excellence beyond what is required. Indeed, the group have created a brilliant future for their school communities both in terms of students’ achievements and wellbeing and staff training and career progression.


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