Project Based Learning

Below, Grade 5 Students are showing the Project which was based on PBL (Project based Learning).

In today's era most of the educators know about this type of project and believe me working with the students on this kind of project is challenging as well as fun, because it incorporate the ATL Skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, Communication etc. It also fulfill the requirement of PYP Concept based learning and teaching, while doing the project students in- cooperate the PYP Attitudes and concepts in their Project. Though the project standard may not be high at this time but the students eventually now knows the importance, reason and consequences of PBL. 


In the below picture students are showing the process as well as the product.


Topic-  "I want to be a writer"


All the three steps of Inquiry cycle were followed by the students.


1. Knowledge and understanding

2. Action 

3. Reflection


As  a Facilitator, I always feel "the Process is the more important than Product"