MYP Courses at Iqraa – 2017 -2018

MYP Years 1 – 3 [ Grades 6 to 8]

The course selection of specified subjects is carefully chosen within the framework of IBO Middle Years Program to provide students to obtain the highest level of learning and expose them to a wide range of program of study.

This is the course selection for grades 6 to 8 of MYP in IBS, grades 9 and 10 will have different subjects and requirements taking in consideration the requirements of the DP program in Iqraa as MYP to DP is a continuum.

Our Middle school students follow a 35 period per 5-day schedule. Each period is for 45 minutes’ duration. The outlines below indicate time allocation across the subjects for MYP years 1 to 3.

Subject Group

Subject/ Subjects

Per 5 Day cycle

Group 1: First Language *A Language and Literature

Arabic – Language A

5 sessions

Group 2: Second Language*-B

Language acquisition

English Language Acquisition – Language B                        

5 sessions

Group 3: Individuals & Societies


   Arabic Social Studies

Integrated Humanities

2 sessions

Kuwait Social studies

2 sessions

Group 4: Sciences

Physics, Chemistry and Biology [ Integrated sciences]

2 sessions

Group 5: Mathematics


5 sessions

Group 6: Arts

 Integrated Arts: Third Language - French, Performing Arts and Visual Arts

Arts – 2 sessions

French – 2 sessions

Group 7: Design

Information and Communication Technology

2 sessions

Group 8: Physical & Health Education

Sports, Exercise and Health

2 sessions


Islamic studies and Quran

3 sessions


Research work

1 session

Planning Meeting

MYP – Yr. 1 – Planning meeting

1 session

Pastoral Care

Advisory Program

1 session

The Middle years’ program requires students to take either two language and Literature subjects or one Language and literature with one Language Acquisition subject.

MYP Course Descriptions

LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE – LANGUAGE “A”- ARABIC (native level reading, writing and speaking)

At IBS, we understand the need to encourage and develop our Middle School students in their mother tongue - Arabic. Indeed, we incorporate within this the need for students to understand their mother culture and culture. This requirement is according to the Ministry of Kuwait requirement.


The study of additional languages in the MYP provides you with the opportunity to develop insights into the features, processes and craft of language and the concept of culture, and to realize that there are diverse ways of living, viewing and behaving in the world. At IBS, we offer courses in English and French [ as a third language].

Language Acquisition is taught in phases so that the complexity and range of language profiles that students bring to their MYP classroom is acknowledged and fostered. MYP students continuing to IB DP will have developed an inquiring and reflective approach to language learning and multi-literacy skills that they will be able to apply and extend in their DP language courses.



MYP Individuals and Societies incorporates disciplines traditionally studied in the Humanities (History, Geography, Economics and Political Science).  You will gain a better understanding of the relationships between people, their geography, culture, and historical context. You will develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the world around you.

As an international student studying Individuals and Societies will enable you to better understand the ever-shrinking world in an era of globalization. In both Geography and History, a strong emphasis is put on not only content knowledge, but also on learning the critical thinking skills necessary to understand complex economic, political, social, and religious challenges.

While few students will follow a career path to become geographers or historians, all students will gain skills necessarily in the professional fields of law, management, and human resources (to name just a few). The skills that you form when exploring historical and geographic issues transfers over many other aspects of life that require critical discernment in a world with so much information.

In Individuals and Societies an emphasis is put on you, the inquirer, to develop your own research questions, carry through with research strategies, and effectively write your findings with clarity. All Individuals & Societies discrete courses integrate skills and conceptual knowledge that are transferable into the Diploma Programme.



With inquiry at the core, the MYP Sciences aims to guide you to independently and collaboratively investigate issues through research, observation and experimentation. As you investigate real examples of science application, you will discover the tensions and dependencies between science and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics and the environment.

Scientific inquiry fosters critical thinking about research and design, as well as the identification of assumptions and alternative explanations. Through MYP sciences, you will learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, gain good ethical-reasoning skills and further develop your sense of responsibility as members of local and global communities.

Learning science involves more than simply learning technical terminology. MYP sciences should enable you to access, use and communicate scientific knowledge correctly and confidently in oral, written and visual modes.



In IB MYP Mathematics both inquiry and application are promoted, helping you to develop problem solving techniques that transcend the discipline and that are useful in the world beyond school.

MYP Mathematics skills are useful in a wide range of arenas, including social sciences and the arts:

  • Representing information.
  • Exploring and modelling situations.
  • Finding solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems.

The MYP mathematics objectives and criteria have been developed with both the internal and external assessment requirements of the IB in mind. During the MYP Years 4 & 5, the following general topics will be explored:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Statistics & Probability

 The depth of each topic studied will depend on the course.


MYP Physical and Health Education (PHE) focuses on both learning about and learning through physical activity empowering you to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active. The goal is to create independent thinkers with the motivation for making healthy life choices.

MYP Physical and Health Education courses engage you in physical education activities for approximately 80% of the total teaching time.

The MYP PHE program contributes a unique perspective to the development of the attributes of the IB learner profile, promoting the health of individuals and communities. Through physical and health education, you will learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, and develop effective collaboration and communication skills.

This subject area also offers many opportunities to build positive interpersonal relationships that can help students to develop a sense of social responsibility.


In MYP Arts you will create, perform and present arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences and ideas as artists, as well as learners of the arts. It is through this practice that you will acquire new skills and master arts skills developed in your prior learning.

Arts in the MYP will stimulate your imaginations, challenge perceptions and develop creative and analytical skills. Involvement in the arts encourages you to understand the arts in context and the cultural histories of artworks, thus supporting your understanding of an inquiring and empathetic world view.

At IBS, we organize the study of two arts in the MYP as discrete disciplines, focusing on Visual Art and Performing Art.