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IBS is international in its perspective, employing world-class programmes that allow the students to understand their own culture within a global framework. IBS - Kuwait understands the central role of national identity and cultural heritage in the success of both individuals and communities, it aspires to educate children to become active members of its community by fostering a strong connection with Kuwait and its neighbouring countries. Since its conception, IBS has embraced a very clear and well-defined purpose – that its students are carefully nurtured as “Learners of Today and Leaders of Tomorrow.” The inquiry-based curriculum at IBS is designed to prepare students for a successful future in the 21st Century, an era that has witnessed major shifts in technological innovation, information literacy, economic globalization and cultural interaction. Hence, students at IBS are made to develop 21st Century skills, including Critical Thinking, Research activities, Creativity, Collaboration, Cross-cultural Understanding, Communication, Computing and ICT Literacy, all of which are incorporated throughout the IBS experience